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Fluxtrol Inc.

Welcome to the Center for Induction Technologies

The focus of our work is the heating of metal parts with induction technology. Our company has already been operating for 18 years and has its roots in the VVZ ZEZ Prague research institution.

      Our products:

  • induction heat treatment of metal parts
  • lot as well as piece production including atypical orders
  • design and optimization of induction technologies
  • made-to-order production of inductors
  • production of custom-made induction equipment


  • medium and high frequencies
  • 1 200 inductors in stock
  • self-supply of specific inductors

Our 4 divisions correspond to what our business is and what we can offer you:

  • Lot Production Division: We process metal parts in runs of hundreds to tens of thousands of pieces. Except for the induction hardening it can also be tempering, soldering and other induction technologies.
  • Piece Production Division: We also process a few pieces lots or individual pieces. Sometimes these are various prototypes or non-standard parts which we are able to process using our know-how and a history in the research institution.
  • Induction Heating Equipment Division: We produce custom machines according to the needs of our clients including inductors. Thanks to this division we are also fully self-supporting for our own production divisions.
  • Services Division: Consulting and training services in induction technologies.

Cooperation with You

We look forward to cooperating with you. If you have a design and details about the parts you need to process using the induction heat treatment, do not hesitate to send us the details at info@martenzit.cz. If you are interested in other areas as described above, the  info@martenzit.cz address is also prepared for you.


We have many clients from various industries. To name just some of them:
  • Walter
  • Shimano CZ
  • Erwin Junker
  • Karo-As Modellbau, Schwenningen BRD
  • ŽĎAS
  • Legios
  • KBA Grafitec
  • Praga Hostivař

About the Company

The company MARTENZIT was founded in 1993. The core of the company were past employees of ZSE Prague, the leading research facility which was the one of its kind of then Czechoslovakia. It specialized in the research and application of science revolving around induction technology and created solutions for the state and advised local and foreign companies in literally hundreds of projects.

Our company possesses a leading, unique workplace which specializes in induction hardening and other induction heat treatment. Our results are fully comparable to the ones of foreign renowned companies. If we were to name one area as our speciality, it would be induction treatment of atypical, technologically demanding parts.

Hardening facilities are also used for application research, and with this comes the evolution of induction technology for a given product practically of any design based on the specific parameters given by our customers. An important segment of this cooperative work includes testing on our own induction equipment, design and manufacturing of inductor hardening coils/loops, cooling showers, fastening systems, etc.

Our other company responsibilities include supplying hardening equipment for large-series and group-series production. These machines, created for a defined part assortment with different phases of automation, are designed and manufactured based on specific customer requests with PLC-based control systems, and software designed to make operation as easy and comfortable as possible, to visualize data and offer intuitive control.

Our capacity for conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing of hardening systems, electronic control systems, and other induction technology is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic today, as far as we are aware.

The final segment of our abilities lies within acting as an advisor and consulting company in the many possibilities, diversity, and application of induction heating/hardening. In recent years, our work has also included lecturing of induction heating technology.


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